About Your Trip to Puerto Lobos

About Your Trip to Puerto Lobos

Our trips are all $500.00 per-person, and last from 3 a.m. Thursday morning to approximately 2 p.m. Monday afternoon. We leave Chandler about 3 a.m. on Thursday mornings and usually arrive at the Mexican border about dawn. We stop in Caborca for breakfast, before arriving in Puerto Lobos. The total trip to Lobos takes about 6-7 hours. We will fish on Thursday upon arrival, weather permitting, and have a full day of fishing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We depart early Monday morning at about 7 a.m., and have breakfast in Caborca, before heading to the border and home.

We will not cut the trip short for any reason other than medical emergencies! If you think you may want to leave early, please plan on following us down in your own vehicle.

Our humble house has served as our base camp for over 13 years. Extensively remodeled and modernized, the house is very comfortable and the style and decor never lets you forget you’re on a remote beachfront.

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WINDY CONDITIONS CAN AND DO OCCUR. WHEN THE WIND IS ABOVE 10 MPH THE SEA IS TOO ROUGH TO FISH, AND IMPOSSIBLE TO GET A LINE DOWN. EXPECT DAYS WHEN FISHING IS NOT AN OPTION, AS THEY WILL HAPPEN! On these days beach combing, games, surf fishing, snorkeling, and many other activities will have to do. If all that fails to satisfy, we just sit around and shoot the bull about fishing and just enjoy being down here. It’s impossible to predict the weather, and being isolated as Puerto Lobos is, weather forecasts are extremely unreliable. I never know what to expect until I arrive. Four days of fishing is not uncommon, but the average over the 30 years I have come, has been two and a half days.

Puerto Lobos

Daily Schedule

Each day starts with coffee and the smells of breakfast cooking. As soon as day breaks, we can see the ocean conditions and decide the course of the day’s fishing. If all is a go to launch, we gather the day’s needs such as snacks, drinks and anything anybody reasonably needs to stay comfortable. We suggest to dress accordingly and remember that it is a long day in the sun, so bring protection in the form of a good wide brim hat, long sleeves and sunblock spray or lotion. If you need medications, bring those too. Put everything in zip locks and keep in a watertight bag. Try to avoid electronic devices on the boat as they may get wet. Cameras for pics and video are highly encouraged.

Between 7 to 8 a.m. on a good day, the launcher will arrive and prepare to launch us in Lobos Bay. We usually head out about a mile and do some bait fishing so that we have live bait for the big guys! Afterward we head to one of many excellent spots that I have found over the years and start to get serious. Our main style of fishing will be vertical speed jigging as this is the most productive in this area. With live bait we will drop to the bottom sitting about 6 feet off the floor and wait for Mr. Big to take a bite. We do all this while drift fishing, our preferred style, as it covers large areas and gives us the best chance of landing a trophy! At about 4 p.m. we start to head in and call it a day, all will be tired and ready for a break and some relaxation!

Once we get back, we are picked up by the launch who is contacted by radio of our return. We are hooked up and driven back to the house where the boat is stored nightly. After we secure the boat and store the gear, and gather up the fish for cleaning. This process is done by hired locals who make the job look easy. They are pros at the job and have the fish filleted in no time. During this time, we usually clean up and the cook gets dinner started. This is a great time to kick back and have a cool drink on the front porch and relax from a long day on the water.

As for dinner, it’s always a great experience at the Albers’ beach house. The cook starts the dinner at about the same time that the fish are cleaned and after an hour or so of relaxing, it’s time to eat. Dinners vary each night and are always multi-course and delicious. If you have a special dietary requirement, let us know so we can hold off on the hot sauce, onions or anything else you can’t eat on your portion! This is Mexico, so the food tends to be spicy.


We have a full private bathroom featuring a stand up shower and lavatory. Here, you can wash off the grit, sunblock, sand and fish slime and get ready for dinner.


Most of the year we are able to sleep on sturdy burlap cots that can sleep the largest person comfortably. The ocean breeze and sounds creates a great backdrop for a good night’s sleep. If it gets windy or cold, we simply move back inside where the there is plenty of room for cots. A large store room keeps gear, luggage and folded beds out of the way during the day.


On Monday morning, we generally skip breakfast and get packed up for the trip home. Getting your gear together the evening before saves time. Trash bags for wet, smelly clothes are handy at this time. We try to be packed up and ready to leave by 7 – 7:30 a.m.. This gets us back in Chandler by 1:00 to 2:00 p.m., later,  if there is a wait at the border crossing. If time permits, we may stop to do a bit of shopping.

NOTE: We will not leave early under any circumstance! If you think you may wish to leave early, plan on driving your own vehicle down with us.

We hope this has given you a snapshot of what our trips are like. We try to make them as worry free as possible and do our best to maximize your time on the water. Hey, that’s what we’re down here to do: FISH!!

Contact Tom: (480) 277-9255

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