Fish Lobos

Wanna Catch Fish? Come to Lobos!

Puerto Lobos is situated far enough down the Sea of Cortez to begin to get out of the sandy bottoms that dominate the northern tip. Here, ocean meets mountain and the results of millions of years of erosion has left generous rock piles and small underwater ranges that support a vast array of sealife. Plain and simple, the Cortez is blessed with an abundance of sealife.

These rocky reefs generate an enormous food chain, supported by the generous currents and flows of the Cortez. Here, the reefs draw baits like the Cortez mackerel and Humboldt squid. The bottom is literally teaming with food sources for the the larger fishes that roam the area. Here’s a list of some of the fishes you might possibly catch in Puerto Lobos. Some species will vary with the seasons.

The big grouper/basses dominate here, and the bottom must be teaming with them because of the frequency of the catch. During the Spring and Fall, yellowtail are common here and can get to 30 lbs. During a brief window in August and September, dorado and roosterfish can be found and easily caught. Most don’t get over 20 lbs.

The bread and butter of Lobos catches are the medium sized basses, Estrenerjo and their medium to large grouper cousins, Sardenerjo and Cabrilla. These sturdy fighters reside deep down (130 to 300 ft.) and can be caught from 1-20 lbs. You never know what’s going to bite. While the small to medium fish make up the bulk of most trips, sometimes we awaken sleeping giants on the bottom. One can get a real surprise when one of these bad boys hits a jig without warning. It often results in a broken line and a lost jig, but sometimes anglers get lucky and get one to the surface. When they do, it will be mostly likely the Baja Grouper and these monsters mean business. Of course, their smaller cousins hit hard also and just about every fish you’ll catch here will give a good fight. The following narrative spotlights a favorite jig for these hard hitting fishes: The Diamond Jig.

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Diamond Jigs are forever!

When live bait is unavailable, jigging is the only option. But often it can be the best choice. Jigging can be tough and make your arms ache, but its ability to catch fish is unprecedented. The Diamond Jig is particularly deadly as it spins upon fast retrieval and looks like an injured bait fish.

While any jig can catch fish, the Diamond Jig has a special edge, and when dropped quickly and popped close to the bottom, it is hard to beat. While the Diamond Jig is the preferred jig of choice, other “candy bar” style jigs also do the job. Many colors, including, blue and white, green and white, and scrambled egg are popular colors. Properly used, they are highly effective.

Basically, jigging in general produces fantastic results. Add a scrap of cut bait and this only improves your chances. Just expect sore arms!