Where The Heck is Puerto Lobos, Sonora Mexico?

Puerto Lobos is a sleepy little fishing village on the Sea of Cortez, approximately 350 miles south of Phoenix and about 130 miles south of the border. Puerto Lobos has been a local fishing hot spot for nearly 100 years now and once you’re there you can see why. It is way off the beaten track and just getting there is an adventure.

All travel to Puerto Lobos (on the Mexico side) begins in the border town of Sonoyta. From there, you travel the Caborca Highway for about 80 miles. Caborca is a fairly large town of about 100,000. This is the last stop for all supplies: gas, food, ice etc. From there, we hit the brand new paved road that runs from Caborca to Libertad. The trip from Caborca to Puerto Lobos takes about an hour.

As soon as we turn off the highway, you’ll get your first glimpse of the awesome Sea of Cortez, one of the most fertile seas in the world. This beautiful sea is host to countless fishes and has a food chain that is mind boggling.

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Passport Information

ALL PERSONS ENTERING THE U.S. FROM MEXICO MUST HAVE A VALID PASSPORT. Don’t expect that a drivers license or a birth certificate will work to get you across the border anymore. We require that you have this in order well before we depart, so don’t wait. It is highly recommended that you begin this process soon, as the State Department can be a bit slow. It is currently taking about 2 – 3 months to process applications. Remember, this is MANDATORY!

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Visiting Mexico

The minute you cross the border into Mexico, you are in a foreign country, with foreign laws. Things operate a little differently down here and we ask that anyone joining us on our trips be respectful and obedient of all laws and local customs. While we want you to enjoy your stay with us, please just exercise a little moderation and consideration. We’re here to have fun and to go fishing!

Mexico, as a whole, has gotten a bad rap for the widely reported violence that plagues many parts of the country. Fortunately, the Puerto Lobos area of Sonora is very stable and relatively crime free. However, we do exercise caution and only travel in Mexico during daylight hours and stick with established routes. In all our years of visiting this area, we have never had any problems.