Mexican Fishing License

Mexican Fishing License

Mexico Requires a Valid Fishing License to Fish their Waters

You must have a valid Mexican fishing license to go on the trip. There are 2 ways to purchase your license:

Option 1

Call Pacific Coast Bait and Tackle at (760) 439-3474. This cost just a few dollars more, but is by far the easiest! Tell them you are going to Puerto Lobos with Captain Tom. Ask for Aron, but anyone can help.

Option 2

Go to the Conapesco San Diego website: and print the license request form. Send it along with your money order, and your license will arrive within 2 weeks. This site will instruct you what to do, but it takes a little longer than option 1.

Valid Passport

ALL PERSONS ENTERING THE U.S. FROM MEXICO MUST HAVE A VALID PASSPORT. Don’t expect that a drivers license or a birth certificate will work to get you across the border anymore. We require that you have this in order well before we depart, so don’t wait. It is highly recommended that you begin this process soon, as the State Department can be a bit slow. It is currently taking about 2 – 3 months to process applications. Remember, this is MANDATORY!

CLICK HERE for more passport information.