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Tom Alber's Puerto Lobos Mexico Fishing Co-Op
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by Drew Ainsworth on Tom Alber's Puerto Lobos Mexico Fishing Co-Op
Wind and Unicorns!

This was my first trip to Puerto Lobos, but won't be my last!

Tom was such a great host from the moment I arrived at this house on Thursday. He loaded my gear into his Van and I was introduced to the other guest on this trip, John. It was so nice to have a ride down to Mexico and not have to think about driving! We crossed the border right at 6 AM without any trouble. The agents all know Tom and he seems to get preferential treatment.
Caborca was an interesting town with some very good Burros! The grape vineyards are an interesting diversion from the drive.
We arrived to 25+ MPH winds and Tom let us know right away, "no fishing today boys". That certainly didn't mean no fun! We were quickly introduced to a number of locals. John and I enjoyed touring the small town. We even were invited to inspect some of the big boats stored in fancy buildings.
Dinner was served by the fantastic Gabby and her daughters. I even stole the Jalapeño popper recipe, they were that good!
Friday, we had the luxury of christening Tom's new (but not named) boat. I was shocked that we stopped just a few 100 yards off-shore to fish. Immediately! the fish began to bite. I had a double digit yellow in the boat right away(yes in July). And then........., a Golden Leopard Grouper! One of the rarest fish in the Sea of Cortez. All of this within swimming distance of the lighthouse. What an opportunity to bring a "Unicorn" onto the boat.
I caught at least 15 quality fish and my arms and shoulders were cramping from the effort! 7 different species came over the rail on that one day!
Saturday we fished sparingly and helped Woody tow back in a boat that had engine trouble. I was able to snag some sand bass right in the marina while waiting to be pulled out. There are FISH EVERYWHERE. The wind kicked up and we spent the rest of the day relaxing and reviewing Friday.
Sunday, more wind.. serious wind. That's OK. John and I assisted Tom with some boat maintenance and took in the spectacular views. ATV's and other diversions where at our fingertips, but I was all about sitting and enjoying. His neighbors invited us over for some special (Bacanora) drinks and deep fried trigger fish. Yum! What great folks.
I made sure to tip Gabby on Monday as she provided fantastic meals every time she cooked! What a blessing.
It was a smooth drive back home! We split up the fish fillets (about 25lbs for one day!) and headed home.
I cannot wait to go again wind or no wind. By the way, the forecast was poor all week, but we Fished in dead calm seas Friday & early Saturday. You cannot trust the forecast, so just GO!

by Franklin Ortiz on Tom Alber's Puerto Lobos Mexico Fishing Co-Op
Amazing trip

Arms and back are sore from catching so many fish!!! At first me and my friends were a little hesitant about booking a trip with an unknown person into a remote part of Mexico. Tom was very accommodating when booking the trip, answering all our questions and easing our hesitations. We showed up on Thursday morning with our clothing, snacks, water, Gatorade, snorkeling gear, fishing gear and a lot of excitement about fishing in the sea for the first time. We loaded up our stuff and jumped into Tom’s 10 passenger van and off we go. You stop in Caborca Mexico for some amazing burrito’s (The Green Chile Burrito was especially good) and then make your way toward Puerto Lobos.

Once in Lobos around noon, you unpack and check out the sea conditions. Upon our arrival it was extremely windy and the sea conditions were way to rough to go out. Tom drove us around giving us a tour of the town and showed us where the local shops were. Lobos is truly a little Mexican village that only got electricity 5 years ago. I personally had never been to a place in Mexico like it. When Tom states in his website that this experience will be like camping he is right on the money. There is hot water for showers, food cooked for you, a very comfortable place to sleep and a few other amenities, but that is about it.

We decided that we wanted to go snorkeling, so Tom took us to an area near the lighthouse where he knew there would be fish for us to see. He dropped us off and we snorkeled for as long as we wanted. While snorkeling we saw barracuda, blow fish, dog fish, trigger fish and an eel. We went back to the house, walked the beach around the residence and relaxed. Around 6PM when Gabi prepared dinner. The food Gabi prepared each morning and evening was AMAZING!!! Especially the homemade Jalapeno poppers. After dinner we hung out playing Texas holdem and then went to bed. Tom has several hammock's that fold out and were awesome to sleep on. You put all the Hammocks on the back patio withing 30-50 yards (Depending on the tide) of the sea. Gabi arrives at the house around 6am and prepares breakfast.

We woke up earlier than most, ate and were on our way to the boat. There is no rush in the morning, if you want to get up at 8am or 9am, no big deal. We made our way out into the sea and had an amazing time. We caught Grouper, Sand Bass, Trigger Fish, Yellow Tail, Skipjack, Sierra Mackerel and Scorpion Fish and Barracuda . I personally caught the biggest fish of my life when I pulled in an approximate 15lb Grouper, what a rush. My personal favorite fish to catch was the Yellow Tail, as they fight like nothing else.

At around 2pm the winds picked up to around 25mph and we had to head in. When it is windy it is near impossible to catch anything anyway. Once in we lounged around and Snorkeled in Lobos Bay in front of the house. We even speared some small rays and saw several different types of fish.

On Saturday we got out early and quickly found that the Groupers were on fire. Our group of guys caught between 15-20 Groupers with at least two being over 20lbs. Of the Groupers that we caught, we brought 7 back with us. By the end of the day our arms and backs were extremely tired from pulling the Groupers from the depths of the sea. The winds kicked up around 2pm and we again had to head back in. We took a much needed nap, ate, snorkeled and then watched a DVD (I Am Legend) we found in Toms collection at the house.

The next morning we woke up a little later and made our way out fishing. The weather was perfect, but for some reason the Groupers were not on the bite, but the triggers and Red Snapper were.

We stayed out till around 4pm when we decided that it was time to head back in. Sunday Night we had some amazing steak, bacon wrapped shrimp and some other great food. For anyone that is reading this Review, know that the food in Lobos is amazing.

In addition to the fish we caught we also saw a few whales, hammer head sharks, sea lions, Dolphins and a sea turtle.

One thing to think about is lunch’s. We brought lots of snacks to eat while on the boat because lunch is not provided and should be something simple (granola bars, trail mix, nuts, little Debbie snacks or something similar).

At the end of our trip we had somewhere between 175-225lbs of fillets in the ice chest and were on our way home.

It was a very exciting and Relaxing trip.

by Travis Perry on Tom Alber's Puerto Lobos Mexico Fishing Co-Op
Great Time!!!

Went down to Lobos with Tom this April. We caught some of the biggest yellowtail any of us had before, They were well between 15-20 lbs on average. In addition, we all caught numerous other fish non stop. Some of the best fishing and, definitely one of the best times for us all. I can't thank Tom enough for providing a good atmosphere and great adventure for a price that's unbeatable. If you're thinking of going on a trip, I highly recommend it for anyone. Thanks again!!!!

by Steve fesch on Tom Alber's Puerto Lobos Mexico Fishing Co-Op
March 9th fishing

Many thanks to Tom,woody and Gabi.

The trip is a real deal. Having owned and operated a fly fishing ranch in Colorado I can appreciate all the effort his crew puts in.

Huge fish, great food, best of all. Lots of laughs and new friends Will be back again.


by William Leonard on Tom Alber's Puerto Lobos Mexico Fishing Co-Op
Fun with Fish,Friend and New Friends

This was my partners and I second trip to Lobos and and the Yellows were on the chew. We caught Yellow Tail to 28 pounds with Tom's home made "magic jigs." What Tom is not telling us is what Voo Doo he is performing to make these lures work??? We caught a variety of fish and saw a caught Mako Shark and Whales.

We fished out of Woody's 28' ponga and found it to be a very sea worthy and fishable boat. The bow of the boat proved to be the place to be as we slung jigs to breezing yellows and pesky Skip Jack.
After the "lines in" call it was fun to go shower up and sit down to another great meal cooked up by Gabby.

We were treated to great weather and the fishing exceeded our expectations. We meet new friend and told our favorite jokes. All agreed that the trip is an amazing value and plan to return.

Many thanks to Tom and Woody for an amazing adventure!

by Tim Mannett on Tom Alber's Puerto Lobos Mexico Fishing Co-Op
Lots of Fish

O.K. March 2nd trip was a great time. Tom's boat was down for repairs and we used "Woodies" Panga (sp) good room filled it up with fish. The Bonita were hitting like no bodies business, Yellow tail were far and few between Bob,my son, caught a 20 Pound Yellow and several other brought in yellows in the teens.
This is a fishing trip that you have to make if you want to catch some big fish, and a lot of fish, your arms will be sore at the end of the day from reeling in the 15 or 20 you catch during the day.
The Bonita is a feisty fish, fight like the dickens really fun to catch and when prepared properly, taste delicious.

by Bob on Tom Alber's Puerto Lobos Mexico Fishing Co-Op
Mar 2017 Catchin fish

Had a great time with Tom and crew down in Lobos. This is my second time going on one of his adventures and it was great! Caught fish and enjoyed the company of locals. My sugestion to anyone looking to book an adventure with Tom for the first time; Dont skip the first day putting on sun block, equip your belt with a handy set of pliers and bring a little more beer than you think is enough. 🙂

by Tre Peckat on Tom Alber's Puerto Lobos Mexico Fishing Co-Op

First, I think Bob Frazier (below) is a professional writer but I'll put my 2 cents in. He put the trip excellently into words so read his after mine.

Tom loves Puerto Lobos and wants everybody to have the best time possible. He does everything he can to achieve that.

The conditions are spartan but comfortable. Food is solid and well prepared by Gabi, his local house assistant. The cots are comfy and plenty of blankets are provided. You shouldn't have a problem getting good night sleep.

I doubt Tom has ever been skunked and usually does pretty well to "I'm done" being fished out hours before you should even think about heading back.

The place is magic. The desert and beach are starkly beautiful but the ocean is full of life--sharks (saw about a 9 foot Mako come right to the boat and steal a fish), sea lions, dolphins, fish and whales (didn't actually see any whales but there are skeletons and bones of whales throughout the area and I hear they are common).

The fishing is not guaranteed. Wind can keep you on the beach but Tom does what he can to keep you entertained.

If you like/love fishing and are up for a little bit of an adventure (the place is remote) I doubt there is a better value out there. I hope to do it again soon!

by Jerry Ridde on Tom Alber's Puerto Lobos Mexico Fishing Co-Op
Mexico fishing on Steroids

Met Tom on craigslist. Told my wife that om going deep sea fishing for 5 days deep in Mexico with him and some guys. My wife freaked! I came back with a great trip many fish and a great time. That was quite a few years ago. Since Ive been many times and wish every month I could get back to the serenity of being in Toms little hide away.

Even on trips where you get the less than desireable fishing buddies, or have windy days its all a great relaxing "STRESSS" Free time. On some trips look for a day to relax and enjoy Mexicos Rustic ,I,mean rustic part of Mexico. Locals are fabulos people!

From every trip ive taken in spring,summer,fall and winter all are a blast and Ive yet to come back without a load of fish to make my fish eating wife very happy.

Ahh and if your honored to run into a very cool nieghbor with Bocanora ohhh dont pass it up will be a trip to remember.

And if your blessed enough to pull out 6 or 8, 100 plus pound groupers or? In a couple minutes like we did a couple miserably hot Aug days , be blessed as there there.

And if da Captain says its too bad Im not going out trust him getting out there in washing machine waves will make you appriciate his wisdom very fast as he is thier to keep you alive.

Can wait to go again for yelliow tail as thats my next needed trip TOM!!!!!!!

by Bob Frazier on Tom Alber's Puerto Lobos Mexico Fishing Co-Op
4 Nights, 5 Days. 6 Stars.

Day 1: At o’dark thirty I climbed into a crew truck of strangers. “What in the hell are all these coolers for?” I wondered. As it got light I realized I was riding with a guy that looked like Heisenberg from “Breaking Bad” and it turns out some mad scientists really like to fish, as this cool guy comes down about once a month. Look at the fish pictures in the gallery – you’ll know who I’m talking about.
We crossed the border without hassle. We listen to Tom talk about how bad the road used to be while jumping potholes the size of Volkswagens while driving at 80, and that was mph not kph. At Caborca we ate “Burros”, I’d never actually eaten ass before… it’s not bad!
We arrive at camp, and eventually we‘re aboard the Albertozz boat while it’s being dragged to the launch by something that looked like a jacked up rusted catapult ready to fling us into the ocean. Ten minutes later Captain Tom said “fish”. They call it “Yo-yo’ing” because you are supposed to drop to the bottom and reel up, problem is, the fish bite, then fight, and can make this feel more like winching. Fling a fish in boat. Drop back to the bottom. Repeat. My face got sore from smiling.
Back on shore, the fish are cleaned by a seemingly gentle lady named Gaby, and her daughter, but they have really sharp knives, and no one gets in their way. For dinner they also cook a lot of food. Everybody’s eating and drinking and the fun just doesn’t stop until bed time, whenever that was. Don’t come here unless you can stand some fun. We were no longer strangers.
About dark I selected a cot, moved it down by the water, and fell asleep way too fast. I blame the lull of ocean waves, but the cerveza helped. I really had wanted to lie awake and look at the millions of stars in the dark sky.
Day 2: Before I awoke coffee was on and breakfast was cooking. There is no morning rush hour here though – this is Mexico! Eventually we were flung back into the ocean by the mechanical rust monster. Seven miles later fish were everywhere on the sonar. And so were other animals waiting for handouts. Some of our fish would be attacked by sea lions. WTF? I considered this a challenge. 1 for him, 6 for me, it seemed fair, but I hope they all die soon. Sharks were there, and evidently they like their fish hooked. “What the hell are sharks doing stealing our fish? Why can’t they go eat their own fish?” I guess they did us a favor; otherwise the live well might have exploded.
Repeat the relaxing evening. Nice guys fish with Tom, and they were full of great stories. Later I slept like I was 6 feet under.
Day 3: Back out on the water. Arm sore. Some giant fish took my lure and played hide and seek on the bottom. I thought 60 pound test was overkill. It’s not, I lost him! Sixty others make it to the boat, some nine different species. Tom say’s “Some days are slow like this.” And he wasn’t joking, but the bounty is more than adequate for the five of us. We saw hundreds of Manta Rays, and when about 50 glided under the boat all at once they don’t even slow down when accidentally hooked. I’m was glad Tom cut my line for me.
More food. More great conversations. Another deep sleep.
Day 4: Steady winds gave us the day off, and that we were told in advance was to be expected here sometimes. I walked the beach; it’s completely deserted and find it is way too beautiful to be missed. I found beach agates, shark purses, and all kinds of other flotsam. The guys pick me up – they’re headed surf fishing. Some of Tom’s local friends come along and insist we go ride the sand dunes with them. Later they treat us all like old friends, it is Mexico, richly Mexican, and it is completely beautiful. Later they insist on feeding us tacos filled with steak. Tom has made good friends of the neighbors, and they were genuinely welcoming to us all. Back at the house, it’s prime rib, all you can eat.
Day 5: Same fine breakfast, then time to pack it up. The ride home is a relaxing time to mentally review all the amazing things that have happened and to start planning when to return. The coolers are full. The memories priceless. The experience incredible. I'll miss my new friends, I mused. “Stop thinking about it… just go again!!” I say to myself. And I will.

by Laurie DaFonte on Tom Alber's Puerto Lobos Mexico Fishing Co-Op

George Golna.... I'm still laughing.... Love you Tom Alber.... Our trips have been amazing.... If I could go every week I would.... And my Tom always has fun too!!! This is the best trip EVER.... and I'm a girl... Lol and don't mind roughing it or trying to pull my weight.... Can't wait to go again..... Love, love, love it!!!!!

by Ken & Maggie Stiles on Tom Alber's Puerto Lobos Mexico Fishing Co-Op
Awesome Fishing Trip

My wife and I want to thank Tom for an awesome fishing trip. From the great food to the great fishing we couldn't have had a better time. Tom's knowledge of Puerto Lobos and love for fishing made for a fun fishing experience. Thank you Tom, we can't wait to come back.

by Jeffrey Alber on Tom Alber's Puerto Lobos Mexico Fishing Co-Op
Younger Brother of Captain Tom

I have been going with my brother's Tom and Jim for many, many years. I have always hand a great time there. It is a chance to get away from everything. Everything about the trip is great. The last time I was there I caught a 60 pound Grouper. I tell people all the time about Puerto Lobos and they think since it is in Mexico it is dangerous. That is not the case. One year we took our mom there, so she could see what we talk about, and she had a ball. She went out on the boat and fished like a pro. I don't get a chance to go as much as I would like to but I think about the trip all the time. I even have my wife going too.

by Michelle Thrower on Tom Alber's Puerto Lobos Mexico Fishing Co-Op
Fishing trip

I took my son and his buddy, their first deep sea fishing trip. We had a blast, caught over 300 fish in 3 days. Tom is the host with the most. Super guy and we will be back this year for more fun.

by George Golna on Tom Alber's Puerto Lobos Mexico Fishing Co-Op
Love to Fish

Booked a trip with Tom in 2008 and it wasn't that great. Tom was kind of an ass. I got stung by stingray while swimming. We only got to fish one day (windy) and I didn't catch many fish. I didn't think I'd ever come back. I thought I'd try it one more time. I've only been back 427 times and haven't figured out if I like it or not. Tom turned out to be an OK guy and I'll keep going until I have a shitty trip or until I run out of money.

by Mike Padilla on Tom Alber's Puerto Lobos Mexico Fishing Co-Op
Fishing trip to Puerto Lobos

The most memorable fishing trip I have ever taken. I had heard some stories of the great fishing in Lobos but had no real means of getting there on my own, until I saw Captain Tom's website. He offered the use of his gear and some great fishing pointers and I caught a cooler full of fish! Tom has a great little operation going and he is a good ol' boy to hang out with. Hope to do again in 2016.

by Paul Schreiber on Tom Alber's Puerto Lobos Mexico Fishing Co-Op
Unbelievable Trip

Tom's fishing operation is the best I have ever had the privilege to participate in. Considering my lifetime of back country travel as individual, as well as leader of a group of outdoors men and women participants in my "Baja 4x4 and small boats" group, that is saying a lot. Tom's operation is not of the spa variety, instead, it is a down to earth, Mexican friendly, boat and fish operation. He has been it's soul for many years, and the young women who today take care of the house and cook for his guests, grew up at their mother's apron string when she was doing that work for Tom when he first started. By the way, the food is a superbly tasty Anglo/Mexican fare of substance. If you are interested in a safe and authentic Sea of Cortez fishing experience, "Fish Lobos" is your ticket. Paul

by Jimmy 2 Dicks on Tom Alber's Puerto Lobos Mexico Fishing Co-Op
Great Trip

Went in September 2015. Was an excellent time! Caught many fish and ate like a KING! Thanks Tom you are the best. I highly recommend this trip to all that love to fish. Lobos was beautiful and I will be back.

by jim murphy on Tom Alber's Puerto Lobos Mexico Fishing Co-Op

For my 9th trip, as in all the rest, A wonderfull experience in Lobos!. To get away from it all and share some camaraderie with fellow anglers is a priceless commodity to say the least. Tom is a great Captain with a life time of experience in making your trip a truly memorable one. Go get 'em , Tom! (and bring me with you!)

by Doug Van Cleve on Tom Alber's Puerto Lobos Mexico Fishing Co-Op
Puerto Lobos

Stared fishing Lobos in the early 1980's, before the road was paved, took small boats in through the desert on ladder racks. wasn't able to fish there for about 15 years, until recently, fortunately for me is discovered Tom on CL. was skeptical at first, WOW, so glad I found him.. fishing is excellent, food is super, my only regret is I am not able to go more often. highly recommend a trip if you can.

tight lines 🙂

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